En Høje Taastrupsk undersøgelse viste, at 75 procent af socialt snyd begås af indvandrere.

Indvandrere på falske papirer er et problem:

Massive Social Security Fraud in France

the Reso-Club puts forward the figure of 20 billion euros lost to social security fraud alone…These are “minimum estimates” according to the criminologist, who considers a figure of 40 billion euros more likely.

…In the United Kingdom, according to figures recently supplied by the National Fraud Authority, it results in a loss of 48 billion euros per year, the same as in Germany. …
The explosion of fraud linked to the use of fake identity papers is weakening the competitiveness of French companies and increasing further every day the black hole in the public finances.

…The subject is politically incorrect because it implicates people in financial difficulties, the economically marginal, immigrants and the unemployed…