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“De anholdte mænd, 26-årige Ahmed Ferhani og 20-årige Mohammed Mamdouh, er født i henholdsvis Algeriet og Marokko. Den ene er i dag amerikansk statsborger.

De blev anholdt i aftes, da de var parat til at gennemføre våbenhandlen med en politimand, som gav sig ud for at være våbenhandler.

Ifølge politiets oplysninger drøftede de anholdte også planer om at tilrettelægge et terrorangreb mod den 381 meter høje skyskraber Empire State Building. Derudover ville de bombe flere synagoger og “dræbe en masse jøder.” …

Det er 13. gang, at militante islamister er afsløret i at planlægge terrorangreb mod New York siden angrebet den 11. september 2001.”

“179 anholdt for islamisk terror i EU

Offentliggjort 19.04.11 kl. 14:07

Stor stigning i antallet af islamiske ekstremister, der anholdes i EU for at overtræde terrorlove.

179 mennesker blev sidste år anholdt i EU-lande i forbindelse med forbrydelser, som kan knyttes til islamisk motiveret terrorisme.

Det er 50 procent flere end i det foregående år, skriver Europol i en ny rapport om tendenser inden for terrorisme.

89 af de anholdte er mistænkt for at ville forberede terrorangreb i et EU-land.”

Titled “The Great Divide: How Westerners and Muslims View Each Other,” the new Pew study reveals that Muslim countries generally view Westerners as violent and immoral. Large majorities of even British Muslims think Westerners are “selfish” and “arrogant.”

Above all, foreign Muslims hate American foreign policy, which in a disturbingly large share of their minds justifies terrorism. Fully 57% of Jordanians think it’s OK to attack civilians in jihad. A simple majority of Egyptians agree. … Muslims also blame us for their lack of prosperity. Nearly half of Turks, among the better educated of Mideast Muslims, say Western policies rob them of wealth. … A majority of Americans more accurately blame Muslim government corruption and a lack of education for chronic Muslim poverty. … Though they are beneficiaries of $10 billion in direct U.S. aid since 9/11, Pakistanis still hold us in contempt. Pew found that most think we are “selfish, immoral and greedy.” … majorities of Muslims in Pakistan and the Mideast think we are less “respectful” of women than they are. … Americans overwhelmingly blame Arab Muslims, while Muslims abroad, including 56% of British Muslims, insist someone else carried out the attacks.

“A study by Policy Exchange showed that 37% of British-born Muslims aged 16-24 would prefer sharia here, 37% would like to send their children to Islamic state schools and — incredibly — 36% think Muslims converting to another faith should be punished by death. What’s more alarming is that older Muslims are much less likely to take these attitudes and are far less alienated than their children’s generation.”

“Løser vi ikke den sammen, fortsætter det bare. Så kan vi sidde og vente på den næste selvmordsbomber«, siger Abdi Ashur Hassan. … Som for de fleste andre af de cirka 16.000 somaliere i Danmark var det en voldsom omgang for de tre, da to danske somaliere i løbet af få uger i slutningen af 2009 blev sat i forbindelse med terror.
Men det var ikke uforudsigeligt, for det var kendt i det somaliske miljø, at unge somaliere var lette ofre for radikalisering.”
Politiken 24. januar 2011, “Mens vi venter på den næste selvmordsbomber”

MORE than 500 British Islamic extremists are planning terror strikes in the UK, according to secret figures obtained by the Daily Mirror.

Some of the jihadists, who are being watched by MI5 and counter-terror police, have already obtained bomb-making materials.

The figure, which fluctuates between 450 and 550, represents the number of monthly live investigations carried out by undercover spooks at any one time.

A counter-terror source said: “Make no mistake these people represent extremely serious threats to UK citizens – the threat of a mass atrocity committed against the public is real.

“Some of them not only have the intent but the material needed to carry out that intent and they represent the most serious threat.”

Some would-be terrorists under surveillance are potential “lone wolf” bombers. These are the most difficult to monitor because they do not talk about their plans.

Efter selvmordsbomben i Stockholm 11/12 2010 har Sveriges politis efterretningstjeneste, Säpo, meldt ud, at Sverige har 200 personer, som er parate til at bruge vold for at fremme deres ekstremistiske holdninger:

“I en kartläggning Säpo har gjort av islamisk extremism i Sverige dras slutsatsen att ungefär 200 personer i landet främjar våldsam extremism. ”Det är ett problem, men vi bedömer det ännu inte som systemhotande”, säger Malena Rembe på Säpo.”

“Conducted by the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah, the poll asked roughly 2,000 Israelis Jews and Palestinian Arabs if they believed the current direct peace talks should continue.

An overwhelming 78 percent of Israelis said the talks should continue, though at present only 5 percent had any hope they would result in an actual peace agreement. By contrast, only 30 percent of Palestinians wanted the peace talks to continue, while 41 percent said they support a return to armed violence against Israel’s Jews.

Sixty-three percent of Israelis said they fear another explosion of terrorist violence in the near future.”

The human cost of the Afghan conflict is escalating, with killings and attacks on children by the Taliban and other insurgent groups soaring, the United Nations said in a report released Tuesday.

“Afghan children and women are increasingly bearing the brunt of this conflict,” says Staffan de Mistura, special representative of the U.N. secretary-general.

“They are being killed and injured in their homes and communities in greater numbers than ever before.”

According to the United Nations’ 2010 Mid-Year Report on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict, in the first six months of this year, 55 percent more children were killed or wounded by the Taliban and other anti-government groups than in the same period in 2009.

The number of women killed or wounded by the Taliban and other insurgents increased by six percent.

The report says casualties caused by pro-government forces, including the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Afghan security forces, fell 30 percent in the first six months of 2010.

From January 1 to June 30, 2010, the UNAMA Human Rights Unit documented a total of 3,268 civilian casualties, including 1,271 deaths and 1,997 injuries.

Anti-government forces were responsible for 2,477 casualties. That is 76 percent of all casualties, up 53 percent from 2009.

Pro-government forces were responsible for 386 civilian casualties, 12 percent of all casualties, down from 30 percent in 2009.

The United Nations notes two lethal developments: Insurgents, it says, are using more improvised explosive devices (IEDs) throughout the country and are assassinating and executing more civilians.

IEDs alone accounted for 29 percent of all civilian deaths in the period, including 74 children, a 155-percent surge from the same span last year.

Assassinations and executions, meanwhile, soared by more than 95 percent and incl