Tyske storbyer kan se frem til muslimsk flertal indenfor en generation:

“The data is clear: Frankfurt is Germany’s immigration capital. 43 per cent of its inhabitants have a so-called immigration background. That means: they are either immigrants themselves or have parents or grandparents who are not from Germany. By contrast, the proportion of foreigners, that is the share of inhabitants who do not have German citizenship, is only 24 per cent. Among children below six years of age the proportion of those of immigrant origin is as high a 70 per cent. That is the highest in Germany. In Berlin it is 59 per cent, Hamburg 43 per cent.

…Among Frankfurters with an immigrant background the proportion of employed persons is significantly lower than in the rest of the population. The difference is especially clear among women.”

70 Per Cent of Frankfurt’s Children Are of Immigrant Origin