Growing use of Sharia by UK Muslims

“An estimated 85 Sharia councils could be operating in Britain, according to a 2009 report by the think tank Civitas.
Several bodies like the Islamic Sharia Council have seen a large increase in their cases in the past five years.
”Our cases have easily more than tripled over the past three to five years,” says Sheikh al-Haddad.
”On average, every month we can deal with anything from 200 to 300 cases. A few years ago it was just a small fraction of that.
”Muslims are becoming more aligned with their faith and more aware of what we are offering them,” he explained.
The principles of Sharia govern all aspects of a Muslim’s life. It is derived from a combination of sources including the Koran, the Hadith, which is based on the example of the prophet Muhammad, and fatwas, which are rulings of Islamic scholars.
Sharia has been operating in the UK, managed by locally-appointed councils, in parallel to the British legal system since 1982.
But the informal councils have no legal powers and they cannot impose any penalties.
They deal with civil cases alone, but many Muslims are choosing to voluntarily accept rulings made by the scholars.”