“Seven in ten (71%) Britons say there are too many immigrants in the country and just a quarter (27%) believe immigration is good for the economy according to new research from Ipsos MORI. The latest Global @dvisor survey conducted in 23 countries shows that only Russians are more likely than Britons to agree that there are too many immigrants in their country (77% do so). Other countries with similarly high levels of agreement are Belgium (72%), Italy (67%), Spain (67%) and South Africa (66%). The Japanese are the happiest with their current level of immigration – just 15% think there are too many immigrants.
Immigration has raised also raised other concerns – three quarters (76%) of Britons agree that immigration has placed too much pressure on public services while three in five (62%) agree that immigration has made it more difficult for British people to get jobs. IPSOS Research Report, 7 sider pdf. Immigration having negative impact on world’s nations: Poll.