EU parlamentet har lige vedtaget at Rumænien og Bulgarien skal med i Schengens grænseløse klub. Hollænderne vil forsinke det i et år. Franskmændene smider stadig rumænere ud:

“The vast majority of street robberies in Paris are now carried out by the children of Romanian immigrants, France’s Interior Minister has claimed. Claude Gueant said the notoriously poor and corrupt eastern European state is responsible for exporting some of the most notorious sneak thieves in the world. Many operate in gangs around the Gare du Nord Eurostar station, preying on English travellers as they arrive by high-speed train from London……In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche newspaper, Mr Gueant said: ‘Many illegal camps were evacuated. ‘However, we have to face up to another problem, that of Romanian delinquency. In Paris, 80 per cent of street robberies are committed by Romanian minors.

France to deport more Romanians after discovering they are behind 80% of street crime”