Homoseksualitet er en dødssynd ifølge koranen. Det er imamerne åbenbart ligeglade med:

“Pakistan Struggles to Confront Madrasa Abuse

Allegations of physical and sexual mistreatment in Koranic schools sometimes prove more difficult to tackle than Islamic militancy.

The accounts are disturbing: beatings, rape and imprisonment with shackles and leg irons. Abuse accusations from hundreds of children sent to study at Islamic schools are prompting growing calls from parents and rights groups for a full-scale investigation.”

Last year, a Pakistani official stunned his nation by officially disclosing more than 500 complaints of sexual assaults against young boys studying in madrasas. Children’s rights advocates were elated, believing that their long-standing claims had been validated. They also hoped Pakistan’s actions would open related inquiries in other Muslim nations — similar to the domino effect through parishes after the Catholic abuse scandals broke in the 1980s.