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“The International Organisation for Migration (IMO) estimates a million people have flooded out of Libya alone since the uprisings began. The vast majority — about 98 percent — have ended up in neighbouring states like Egypt, Tunisia or Algeria. But along with the thousands of Tunisians who have taken advantage of looser security following the fall of president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, enough have headed north to Europe to trigger a crisis there.

Illegal immigration to Europe is now on track to surpass the peak hit in 2008. The IMO says about 42,000 migrants have already crossed into Italy and Malta alone, surpassing the 40,000 total for the two countries in all of 2008.

The numbers piling into places such as Italy and France have taxed the resources of border police, fanned anti-immigrant sentiment from Finland to Greece and even spurred leaders to challenge one of the bloc’s fundamental principles: the free movement of people inside the EU.”

“It assumes net migration - the difference between numbers arriving and leaving - remained around its current record level of 240,000 a year.

Immigration minister: Damian Green said: ‘We are fixing a broken system’

Ministers pledged to cut it to the ‘tens of thousands’ by 2015.

Two-thirds of the population rise is due to immigration, including an ‘immigrant baby boom’ caused by higher-than-average birth rates among migrant mothers.

Commentators said the analysis shows the ‘absolute necessity’ of cutting the number of migrants coming here.”

“In 2007, the British Policy Exchange published findings of a survey which suggested that 37 per cent of Muslims aged 16-25 would prefer to live under Sharia law.

Stigende kriminalitet skaber stigende utryghed. Indvandrere bidrager meget stort til den stigende kriminalitet:

“Selv om Danmark er et af Europas tryggeste lande, ligger boldtræ, knive og pistoler ofte side om side med natbordets skønlitteratur og vækkeur.

En Gallup-undersøgelse foretaget for Berlingske viser, at hver syvende dansker har placeret våben i hjemmet for at kunne tage kampen op mod en indbrudstyv.

“Det ser jeg som et tegn på, at der gennemgående er en utryghed blandt danskerne,” fortsætter han.

Ifølge Danmarks Statistik faldt antallet af hjemmerøverier fra 364 i 2009 til 289 i 2010. Med 2,5 millioner husstande svarer det til, at 0,012 procent af de danske husstande var udsat for et hjemmerøveri i 2010.

Hver tredje af de borgere, der har våben i hjemmet, angiver, at de har bevæbnet sig på grund af manglende tillid til politiet.

Jeg kender kun en religion, som dræber folk for deres tro: Islam.

“One Christian Killed every Five Minutes Worldwide on Religious Faith Grounds says International Conference

A Christian is killed every five minutes somewhere in the world. That was the conclusion of the “International Conference on Inter-religious Dialogue between Christians, Jews and Muslims,” which was held in Hungary. According to Massimo Introvigne representative of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe on Combating Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians, this estimate does not include Christians killed in civil wars or conflicts between countries.”

“Varda is among more than a quarter of a million Pakistani students attending an all-female madrassa, or Islamic seminary, where legions of well-to-do women are experiencing an awakening of faith, at the cost of rising intolerance.

In a nation where Muslim extremists are slowly strengthening their grip on society, the number of all-female madrassas has boomed over the past decade, fueled by the failures of the state education system and a deepening conservativism among the middle to upper classes.

Parents often encourage girls to enroll in madrassas after finishing high school or university, as an alternative to a shrinking, largely male-orientated job market, and to ensure a girl waiting to get married isn’t drawn into romantic relationships, says Masooda Bano, a research fellow at the British-based Economic and Social Research Council.

But, like Varda, many students at the 2,000 or so registered madrassas are university students or graduates looking for greater understanding of Islam, as well as housewives who, like others in Pakistani society, feel pressured to deepen their faith.”

EUs vigtigste opgave må være at passe på sine borgere. Dette bør indebære et effektivt og velbevogtet grænsehegn på relevante strækninger ved unionens ydre grænser.

As many as 2,500 illegal immigrants a week are flooding into the continent from North Africa through Italy, the European Union’s border protection agency has revealed.

The official figures, which came from Warsaw based Frontex, show that for the first three months of this year 33,000 people entered Europe illegally with 22,600 coming through Italy.

Most of those were economic migrants from Tunisia and sub-Sahran Africa who had fled countries that had been hit by popular uprisings in what was dubbed the Arab Spring. … The figures were revealed in Athens by Frontex deputy director Gil Arias Fernandez during a visit to Greece which up until this year was the main entry point for illegal immigrants into Europe.

Mr Fernandez said that for the first quarter of this year just 7,200 illegal entries were registered in Greece - last year for the same period just 147 illegal migrants had been detected trying to enter Italy, compared to 13,085 attempting to get into Greece.

He added that while it was difficult to predict what would happen in the rest of the year, ‘the situation will remain quite dramatic in the central Mediterranean.’

France to deport more Romanians after discovering they are behind 80% of street crime

Frontex and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees have said that more than 41,000 people have attempted to enter Europe through Lampedusa and other Italian islands.”

Den islamiske tradition med cølibat indtil ægteskabet skaber sikkert en del seksuel frustration blandt de unge mænd.

Mænd af anden etnisk oprindelse end dansk er stærkt overrepræsenteret blandt voldtægtsforbrydere på Fyn.

I perioden fra 1. november 2000 til 1. november 2001 anmeldte 37 kvinder voldtægt på Fyn, og i 19 tilfælde var gerningsmanden af anden etnisk herkomst end dansk.

I to tilfælde var der tale om gruppevoldtægt, og derfor er det samlede antal gerningsmænd med anden etnisk oprindelse end dansk 22 ud af 37. Det svarer til 59, 5 procent.

Det er de helt unge piger, der især er udsatte. I Odense Politikreds havde man i perioden 11 ofre under 16 år. Blandt gerningsmændene var der én dansker.

EU parlamentet har lige vedtaget at Rumænien og Bulgarien skal med i Schengens grænseløse klub. Hollænderne vil forsinke det i et år. Franskmændene smider stadig rumænere ud:

“The vast majority of street robberies in Paris are now carried out by the children of Romanian immigrants, France’s Interior Minister has claimed. Claude Gueant said the notoriously poor and corrupt eastern European state is responsible for exporting some of the most notorious sneak thieves in the world. Many operate in gangs around the Gare du Nord Eurostar station, preying on English travellers as they arrive by high-speed train from London……In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche newspaper, Mr Gueant said: ‘Many illegal camps were evacuated. ‘However, we have to face up to another problem, that of Romanian delinquency. In Paris, 80 per cent of street robberies are committed by Romanian minors.

France to deport more Romanians after discovering they are behind 80% of street crime”

De fromme muslimers stofmisbrug fører til vandmangel:

“Yemeni citizens have lived on scarce water supplies for thousands of years but the problem has been exacerbated by widespread production of the local drug of choice, qat, which consumes up to 40 per cent of water. About 70 per cent of Yemeni men chew the leaves each day, and bushy qat trees are often the only spots of green in the dry landscape.”

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