“Dawn Holland, one of the report’s authors, said: “Lifting barriers in Germany may divert some Polish and other workers away from the UK, especially given the relative strength of the German economy.
“But as the existence of support networks for new migrants is one of the most important factors, much of the shift in migrants since 2004 is likely to prove permanent.”
She said the impact of migration from countries such as Poland, Romania and Lithuania on UK national output was “insignificant to a large extent”.
Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch said the report provided “clear evidence” that the contribution of migrants was trivial. “This is an astonishing conclusion which blows out of the water many of the arguments made for years by the immigration lobby,” he said
“The 700,000 East Europeans who have arrived since 2004 have added 1 per cent to our population but only about one third of 1 per cent to production.
“Some employers have benefited from cheap, hard-working labour but the gain to our economy as a whole has been insignificant. This is the final nail in the coffin of Labour’s immigration policy.””