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Mohammed is now the most popular name for baby boys ahead of Jack and Harry

Mohammed has become the most popular name for newborn boys in Britain.

It shot up from third the previous year, overtaking Jack, which had topped the list for the past 14 years but was relegated to third spot.

Olivia topped the list for little girls for the second year in a row, behind Ruby and Chloe.

A total of 7,549 newborns were given 12 variations of the Islamic prophet Mohammed’s name last year, such as Muhammad and Mohammad.

“Conducted by the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah, the poll asked roughly 2,000 Israelis Jews and Palestinian Arabs if they believed the current direct peace talks should continue.

An overwhelming 78 percent of Israelis said the talks should continue, though at present only 5 percent had any hope they would result in an actual peace agreement. By contrast, only 30 percent of Palestinians wanted the peace talks to continue, while 41 percent said they support a return to armed violence against Israel’s Jews.

Sixty-three percent of Israelis said they fear another explosion of terrorist violence in the near future.”

Her scale examined how U.S.-born and immigrant Muslims viewed their adherence to Islamic values, and whether they were adopting values of the dominant American culture. The measure was completed by 255 people nationwide. Bagasra found that:

  • 75 percent said most of their friends are Muslim.
  • 68 percent said they’re not willing to marry a non-Muslim.
  • 77 percent expressed a strong desire to raise their children as Muslims.
  • 55 percent said it was either slightly true or not at all true that participating in practices or displaying symbols of American patriotism — such as reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, hanging the American flag or standing up for the national anthem — was important to them.

The scale did find that American Muslims were strongly interested in politics, with almost 81 percent of participants agreeing that voting in local and federal elections is important. The measure also found a willingness to participate in social rituals: Sixty percent said they’re comfortable shaking hands with a member of the opposite sex, and 68 percent said they often eat meals with non-Muslim friends.

Other speakers at the session reported on different aspects of Muslim acculturation in America. They included:

  • Farah Khan, a student at the New York University School of Medicine, who has conducted research with African-American Muslim young adults. She has found that although many feel a need to fit in with peers, they have trouble integrating the religious requirements of their Muslim faith with their ethnic identities as African Americans.
  • Mona M. Amer, PhD, of the American University in Cairo, discussed her finding that Christian Arab Americans show greater cultural adaptation, stronger social support networks and better measures of mental health as compared with Muslim Arab Americans.
  • Paul E. Priester, PhD, of North Park University in Chicago, has found that a 12-minute psychoeducational film shown to self-identified Christian American college students changed their belief that Islam endorses terrorism. However, he found the film did not change the students’ desire to maintain social distance from Muslims.

“Across the Arab world today an average of 45 percent of married couples are related, according to Dr. Nadia Sakati, a pediatrician and senior consultant for the genetics research center at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh.

In some parts of Saudi Arabia, particularly in the south, where Mrs. Hefthi was raised, the rate of marriage among blood relatives ranges from 55 to 70 percent, among the highest rates in the world, according to the Saudi government.

Widespread inbreeding in Saudi Arabia has produced several genetic disorders, Saudi public health officials said, including the blood diseases of thalassemia, a potentially fatal hemoglobin deficiency, and sickle cell anemia. Spinal muscular atrophy and diabetes are also common, especially in the regions with the longest traditions of marriage between relatives. Dr. Sakati said she had also found links between inbreeding and deafness and muteness.”

“For many ethnic minority groups employment rates remain too low. More than half of Muslim men and three quarters of Muslim women are unemployed.”

Ikke-muslimske ikke-vestlige indvandrere klare sig bedre: ”

The report, billed as the most comprehensive inquiry ever into discrimination in Britain, warns that working-class white boys have been overtaken by other ethnic groups at school.

Some white men remain behind their Indian and Chinese peers, who are increasingly high fliers.

The study says: “People from some ethnic groups are more likely to be in higher skilled, professional occupations than others.

“For example, Chinese and Indian men are nearly twice as likely as white British men to be in professional jobs.””

I et medborgerhus i en  nordsjællandsk ghetto sidder to drenge og staver sig igennem simple engelske sætninger.

Den ene har somalisk afstamning, den anden palæstinensisk. Begge har alderen til at gå i niende klasse, men deres faglige niveau er langt under gennemsnittet. …

Nu er de blevet smidt ud af skolen på grund af vold. Den ene var indblandet i et masseslagsmål, den anden slog en lærer.

37,7 procent af indvandrerdrengene får aldrig en ungdomsuddannelse. Det er næsten en fordobling i forhold til danske drenge, hvor kun 21 procent aldrig får en ungdomsuddannelse.

Det viser tal fra AE-Rådet.”

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