Holland ville tilsyneladende være et væsentligt tryggere land uden dets mange unge indvandrere og efter kommere. 63 % af den grove ungdomsvold begås af unge med indvandrerbaggrund. Sådan ser det ud, når man kigger på omfanget af mord, røverisk overfald, afpresning, vold og voldtægter:

In the research, 447 case files of youngsters aged from 12 to 17 were studied. All the files involved cases in which the perpetrator was convicted of a crime for which the maximum jail sentence is 8 years or more. These were murder, manslaughter, robbery with violence, extortion, arson, public acts of violence and sexual crimes. Only just over one-third (37 percent) of the convicted youngsters are white Dutch. Two-thirds are of immigrant origin, meaning that they themselves or their mothers were born abroad.”

Kilde: NIS, Dutch News in English, d. 18. marts 2009 “Two out of three serious teenage criminals are immigrants