Hvad får kvinder til at forsøge at begå selvmord? 96 % af selvmorderne i Saudi Arabien er kvinder. Årsagen er ifølge en forsker, at kvinders forhold er meget dårlige i landet, at mænd får langt de fleste fordele, tvangsægteskaber og at forældrene oftest slet ikke taler til deres døtre:

“In a recent study, a researcher from King Saud University tackled the often-unmentioned subject of suicide in Saudi Arabia. In her study, which concentrated on failed suicide attempts in 2006, the researcher found out that 96 percent of the cases involved women.

She told Reuters that in the hospital where she works, they receive around 11 cases every month of women who have failed in their suicide attempts.

So far, we are talking about survivors, but if the figures are correct, then we must assume that there are as many, if not more, who actually manage to kill themselves. The report says that most of those cases are filed at hospitals as drug overdose.

The researcher attributed the high suicide rate among women to social pressures. Within family circles, boys always get preferential treatment. What is more, there is very little or no communication between girls and their parents.

The report highlights many factors that can lead women to consider killing themselves, one of them being forced marriages. This is not a problem among the rich where women usually have a say in the matter of who should be their husbands.”

Kilde: Arab News, d. 27. december 2007 “What drives a woman to think of suicide?